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The Complete Guide To Van Leasing With Maintenance

The Complete Guide To Van Leasing With Maintenance

August 11th 2021

Benefit from maintenance services when you lease a Van from Vanaways Leasing today...

If you choose to lease your next van it can be even more cost effective to include the service and maintenance package within your agreement. 

Maintaining your vehicle can soon add up, including it within your agreement ensures you have it all covered within one fixed monthly cost. 

Here’s all you need to know about leasing with maintenance. 

What is included?

Including maintenance can be a great idea, fixed monthly costs that cover you for the most common and costs associated with running any vehicle. 

What is included:


MOTs are included for the full length of the agreement, for new vans the first is due after 3 years. 


Routine servicing is included for the full term of the agreement, as part of any lease agreement you need to service the vehicle in accordance to the manufacturers schedule.


Breakdown cover is included which is essential to keep drivers mobile, most manufacturers offer 1 year’s free cover but including a full maintenance package ensures you have cover for the full period of the contract. 


What isn’t included?

Always make sure you’re well informed about what is and isn’t included in the maintenance package.

Normally the below aren’t included:

Bodywork repairs

Wear and tear are completely normal especially during a long lease, however, when damage occurs as a result of an accident you will usually need to cover the repair costs although this is often covered by your insurance cover. 

Glass repairs

Stone chips or windscreen repairs/repalcements aren't included, these though are normally included within your insurance cover. 


You must insure your vehicle regardless of what type of finance you take, normally insurance is not included within the maintenance package.

We understand that everyone’s requirements are different which is why our expert team is on hand to advise you on the best models and offer competitive rates. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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