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Van Security


The number of van drivers falling victims to tool theft has increased dramatically over the past year. With 2022 seeing around 1 in 3 van drivers reporting thefts from their vehicles.

The average cost of the tools stolen is estimated at £2'500, this though is not the only cost suffered with most tradesman reporting they were not able to work for up to 6 days after the theft.

Ensuring your vans contents can are as secured as possible is going to potentially save you a lot of money and stress in the future. 

Below are our top 5 suggested purchases that will minimise the chance of you being targeted and potentially save you a lot of money in the long term. 

All in we believe this can be done for £899.99 Inc VAT** (see cost breakdown below) which is a small price to pay compared to having to deal with the aftermath of your van being broken into!


Additional Locks 

These can seriously enhance the security of you van, not only making it much harder to gain access, it can also deter them from even trying.

Heavy Exterior Locks - These are the most obvious and effective way to prevent access to your van and tools, would be thief’s will be looking for quick and easy targets, heavy duty additional locks are likely to greatly deter them.


            Click below to see Toolstations Van Lock Range

Fixed Toolboxes

Removing tools from your van overnight is advisable but not always possible, often the vans are parked on the road, outside customer locations or in public spaces. Having in built secure storage gives you further peace of mind that your tools are safely secured away from prying eyes.

These reinforced steel boxes are lockable and able to be secured to van itself, forming a formidable challenge to any would be thief.




Click below to see Toolstations in-van Secure Toolboxes 

Pipe Carriers

The transportation and storage of expensive piping can also be challenging, often not possible to do so internally, the addition of lockable piping carriers is often an easy and cost-effective solution.




Click below to see Toolstations Pipe Carriers 


If you do not have access to a garage and your van is kept on your drive or on the road outside your house, an external camera(s) is a great idea, it's a massive deterrent to anyone who is looking for a target. In the event you are unfortunate to become a victim, you also then have footage of the incident.

The purchase and fitting of external cameras to you house is not as expensive as you may think, the most cost-effective options operate via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, with no need to hard wire them.




Click below to see Toolstations Cameras


GPS Tracker

The fitting of a GPS tracker in the event your van is stolen can also be very handy in helping track and recover your vehicle and contents, easy to hide within your van and not expensive. Can also help to reduce insurance costs. 



Click below to see Toolstations GPS Trackers



**The price of £899.99 Inc VAT includes the slam locks being professionally fitted and includes the purchase of a 3-bar roof rack which is required for the lockable pipe carrier.

2 x Slam Locks - £50.96
Slam Lock Fitting - £216.57
Heavy Duty Toolbox - £225.00
3 Bar Roof Rack - £159.99
3M Lockable Pipe Carrier - £149.99
Smart Security Twin Camera Pack - £49.99
GPS Tracker - £47.49



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