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Fair Wear & Tear Guide

The BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guide is the industry standard that vehicle leasing companies use to assess the condition of vehicles that are returned to them at the end of a lease.


At the end of your lease agreement if the vehicle is being returned to the funder ( e.g Contract Hire & Finanace Lease) it's condition needs to be to the standard as outlined in the BVRLA and finance company’s fair wear and tear guidelines.

A representative from the finance provider will collect your vehicle and check its overall condition. All damage will be recorded, and in the event that the vehicle is returned in poorer condition than ‘fair wear and tear’ allows, you may be charged.

The fair wear and tear guide is produced by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) and offers an industry-standard description of acceptable levels of fair wear and tear. We recommend that you read this information both at the start and again towards the end of your car lease. 

For more information from the BVRLA please see here BVRLA

Each finance company also produces its own set of fair wear and tear guidelines which we also recommend you read, below is some main points to consider. 


Appraising your vehicle:

  • Appraise your vehicle a few weeks before its due to be returned to allow time to carry out any repairs that maybe required.
  • Be honest, ask someone for a second opinion. 
  • Do so in good light, doing so in poor light can lead to things being missed. 
  • Always best to appraise the car once in a clean condition.
  • Inspect and check all controls, lights and equipment.
  • Check all tyres including any spare tyre to ensure not damaged.
  • Check the funders alloy damage charges, they can often be a fixed cost and less than getting them repaired. 


  • Your vehicle has been maintained according to manufacturer standards.
  • Electronic features are working correctly.
  • You have a full set of keys and documentation.
  • The interior is in good condition.
  • The exterior has only minor surface damage.

Common Problems:

  • Stains, rips, tears and burns on seat.
  • Scratched or scuffed paintwork.
  • Chips and dents on the bodywork.
  • Damage to wheels and trims.
  • Scratches over 25mm (relative to the vehicle's age and mileage).
  • Scratches under 25mm (where the primer and bare metal is showing).
  • Accident damage and dents.
  • Missing sets of keys.
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