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Electric Van Right For You?


Electric vehicles are becoming more popular in the UK. Find out if it might be the right time to consider changing to electric vans.


Benefits Of Driving An Electric Van

In the UK, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. You may be wondering if an electric van is right for you. Many van drivers are switching to electric because of the increased attention on CO2 emissions and the negative combustion engines have on our planet and of course pocket due to ever increasing fuel costs.

Eco Friendly

Electric vans produce zero CO2 or NOx emissions when being driven, unlike diesel/petrol vans. They contribute to improving air quality and reducing harmful emissions

Government Grants

The government plug-in grant for electric van drivers in the UK provides a discount up to 35% on the purchase of an electric van. (Maximum of £2,500 for small vans and up to £5,000 for large vans) on the cost of your new electric van. There’s also no road tax cost for electric vehicles.

Smoother & Quieter Driving

The electric motors produce instant torque which results in smooth, seamless, and effortless performance. They are also extremely quiet, making them ideal for businesses offering non-social hours services.

Low Running costs

The overall running costs are much lower, with zero RFL on zero C02 vehicles, lower maintenance costs due to having very few moving parts, last but of course not least the cost of charging is much less than re-fuelling.

Avoid Congestion Charges

Existing clean air zones are getting bigger, also more major cities are looking to introduce them. Electric vehicles are exempt from paying congestion charges, for any business operating within these areas the cost saving can soon add up.

Green Business Credentials

Many customers today want to work with companies that are committed to the environment and social responsibility. Your business will be able to show that you care about the environment by switching to electric vans, this will help you stand out from the coemption and could well help you win more business.


Points to Consider 


Although it is clear there are many benefits in running an Electric Van as shown above, it is important to consider the potential downsides also.


A lot of van drivers can do high daily mileages, most vans currently have ranges in the region of 100 - 220 miles, you will need to work out if this works for you, if you are doing more miles per day, can you factor in time to recharge?


Whether you need to charge your van daily or weekly you will need to decide how you plan to do this. The options are primarily having a charge point at home, place of work or by utilising a public rapid charger. For more information on charging please see our charging guide.


Although the running costs of electric vehicles is lower, the purchase cost of the vehicles can be higher due to the technology, components and batteries. It can often work our more financially viable to lease than outright purchase.


We recommend speaking to one of our electric van experts if you are unsure whether an electric van is right for you.

Van Sales UK's experts are more than happy to talk with you about your requirements and find you an electric van that suits your needs.

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